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Entry #2

My first game

2008-07-18 13:02:17 by cpl-shepard

i hope it passes judgment coz it really doesn't suck


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2008-07-18 13:12:14

hey i played it, nice game!


2008-07-18 13:14:00

I played it. It was pretty fun but a little bit difficult. It will probably pass judgment.


2008-07-18 13:26:07

I played it but blamed it because it was unnecessarily difficult, I hope it doesn't pass


2008-07-18 13:57:20

Shut up Sectus, it was a great game, so you don't go crying to your mother because it was difficult. lol, and it was trully difficult. but it was awesome! it is on my favs =D


2008-07-18 14:14:10

it sucks


2008-07-18 15:22:22

Oh, how about you go fuck yourself Zullo, like you have a sense of taste you dickhead

And matt your right this game is I think stolen and sucks anyway BLAM IT!


2008-09-22 13:15:27

I'm sorry.