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MGS Collab

2008-04-13 03:53:20 by cpl-shepard

For those of you that care (which i guess is no one) i am submitting a flash to the Metal Gear Collab


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2008-05-14 18:02:47

It better not fail horribly, or Utah will kill you. On a side note, don't vote peoples music a 1 just because you don't like the game, the WoW song was very well thought out and skillful. I don't play the game myself, but I know talent when I see it and that was a decent display and it was funny.

cpl-shepard responds:

if you look carefully i did say "the song is ok" i didn't like the song much and i despise the game


2008-05-15 13:21:29



2008-05-15 21:04:04

i totally agree with matt-porter. please dont give peoples songs about WoW a 1 just because you think the game is overrated. You should give the rating based off of the song, not other opinions that dont matter!!